dough560 on April 22, 2014, 09:17:45 am
Tried several times this last weekend to log into my Baen E Book Account.  No Joy.  Emailed the Tech site.  No Joy.  Emailed the Baen Info site. No Joy,  All E mails were sent with Cc.  No response or bounce back proving delivery.  Looked up the telephone number (800.233.233) and was connected to Simon & Schuster Books.  Customer Service Extension #4, Connected me with Denise.  Nice Lady, who informed me S&S is now handling Baen Distribution.  Denise advised books could be ordered from the S&S Website.  Hardbound and Paperback?  Yes, after wading through the S&S stuff I wasn't interested in.   No mention of E Books.  Called S&S Customer Service and reconnected with Denise.  Explained the problem.  Denise advised the E books were now being sold through Amazon.

Followed a link from the Baen News Letter to Face Book and found another Telephone Number (800.its.baen / 800.487.2236) and connected with Baen Books.  Asked about the situation.  They took my email address and advised they were still selling e-books through the normal site.  The tech department is supposed to fix things and contact me when corrected.

Frankly, I thought Jim's dream had died with him and an old money kludge had taken over, stiffing the established customers.  Now to see how long to see how long it takes to fix this.

If anyone had problems reaching Baen E Books, I hope this helps.

dough560 on December 24, 2016, 05:05:53 am
Ban redid the E-Book System.  I've had no problems for several months now.