SandySandfort on January 25, 2013, 05:53:11 pm
Hi EFT fans,

I have some good new and some bad news.

First, the BAD news. It doesn't look as though Escape From Terra will be going forward any time soon. EFT Team members all have other priorities and obligations. So EFT as a graphic series is on the back burner for the foreseeable future. Should that change, you will be notified.

The GOOD news is that all old and all NEW stories in the EFT universe will continue, but in prose form. In some ways, this is nothing new. In the past, all EFT strips started out as my prose short stories which were then converted into scripts by Scott (and sometimes Leila) and then illustrated by Lee (and sometimes Leila). The only difference is that the stories will be published as prose only. So you can continue to get your EFT fix of its ongoing adventures in human space. That will continue as long as you want me to keep them coming. Plus there is a new twist I think you will like.

The twist is that I will be publishing annotated versions of the prose versions of past and future stories. Readers often ask me where I get my story ideas, characters, character names, etc. Well, now you will know. Each story will include a foreword/afterword with the inside information about the people, places and things—real and imaginary—that inspired that story. Expect surprises. I am confident you will enjoy these “stories behind the stories.”

I have already started annotating the original EFT prose stories. So you will soon be able to get the inside scoop on stories you have already read and enjoyed. After that, I will begin writing (and annotating) brand new stories, with another interesting twist.

I plan to split EFT into two or more ongoing series. The current series will continue. (To get the ball rolling, I will send you the first new story for free... sort of. See below.)

One of the new series will be a prequel set in the 1970s through today and a bit beyond. My previously published (and as yet unannotated) novella, THE RESURRECTIONS OF ROBERT A. HEINLEIN: GENESIS, will be the first in that series. There will be elephants, rollerskating and “ulu-fu.”

The second proposed series will follow the continuing adventures of the heroic crew who “liberated” the International Space Station in the EFT arc, “Gone Missing.” It will follow their epic journey to Mars and the creation of the first colony there. There will be danger, intrigue, triumphs and... betrayal.

I am also considering the creation of a “Steam Punk” series, “Steamship Troopers,” set in the original EFT universe and timeframe. Expect swashbuckling adventure, romance and humor.

Okay, how about that “free” new EFT story? It's called “The Plume of the Eagle.” It's about a hollowed planetoid and the “Teddy” eco-terrorists. It takes its name from Aesop's, “The shaft of the arrow had been feathered with one of the eagle's own plumes. We often give our enemies the means of our own destruction.”

To get your copy, all you have to do is send me an email (with “PLUME” in the subject line). After you read PLUME, I would appreciate your honest opinions and suggestions about:

1.EFT going forward as prose only
2.EFT spin-offs and which ones sound the most interesting
3.What themes, characters, plot elements, etc. you would like to see more of (or less of) in future stories.

Your ideas and opinions are important to me. Please share them and I'll reward you with a pre-publication version of “The Plume of the Eagle” via return email.

Thank you for your support,

Sandy Sandfort