mellyrn on June 13, 2012, 12:42:36 pm
A thirty year old woman has roughly the same future orientation and ability to postpone gratification as a fifteen year old boy does

Today's youth -- in the US, anyway -- have been horribly infantilized.  To regard them as representative of their category is like considering the results of footbinding as representative of adult female feet.

There was once good reason why a young man is bar mitzvah'd or Confirmed at 13.  Temujin at 15 was a few years' shy of being Khan -- but he did not go from 12thc-mall-rat-equivalent to even a junior khan over one magic birthday.  Edward the Black Prince became a founding member of the Order of the Garter at 14.

All of you were once 15.  Were you not capable of far more than was permitted you?  How much of your irresponsibility was your living down to expectations?  I'll bet at least one of you had to step up and be a man at that age.  That's more like human-normal.

I don't know that sam has good data this time, but even if he does, I wouldn't assume he's interpreted it correctly.

Andreas on June 13, 2012, 01:45:30 pm
Yes, it turns out that they have an infallible machine down in Utah, which is capable of breaking down a person to the molecular level, and then evaluate their mental maturity in absolute, non-gender-specific terms. And they've run a demographically representative number of people through it to come up with the number Sam referred to.
No, really, that's how it was done. Not possible in any other way, I tell you. ::)