Frank B. on August 28, 2011, 02:14:59 pm
The listing badly, yet intrepid, server, home of the many Big Head Press stories and this forum, had to be put down this morning.  A linux file system check detected hardware errors and forced the file system into read-only mode.  I knew this was coming. She'd been telling me she wasn't feeling well.  Poor girl.  So, I've been preparing a new home for the web sites which I was 97% done preparing before this morning's episode.  Our web sites now reside in a place called the CoreCloud, a service provided by Core NAP in Austin, Texas.

Pretty much all is back as it was except, for this forum.  It turns out the last good backup I had of the forum database was from Aug 10, 2011.  So, every post and topic added since then is lost to the bit bucket of time.  My apologies for that, and hope to manage a better backup system.

We here at Big Head Press greatly appreciate our fans, and their feed back here in the forum.  Please raise a glass and remember serenity.  Thanks!