GlennWatson on January 08, 2011, 08:25:38 am
Carlos said: "I think you are threatening me. Maybe I will have to put you all down."

When he said this I felt Carlos was being disingenuous.  He never felt threatened at all.  He enjoyed the fact that three unarmed newbies were trying to threaten him.  His reaction to having his gun taken by Carlos and then the bartender shows he is something of a dilettante in respect to the spirit of AnCap.  His whining that he left Earth to avoid having his gun taken showed his immaturity and lack of real understanding of the AnCap way.  I predict this will be explained to him by Carlos. 

Apollo-Soyuz on January 08, 2011, 08:58:30 pm
Of course, it is difficult in this medium to nuance speech, but I'm sure you will agree that different verbal emphasis would yield a different interpretation.

Fair enough

Quote from: SandySandfort
My guess is you have never taken a combat firearms course. Taking a gun away from a person determined to shoot you is extremely difficult.

Haven't taken a combat course yet. Nor seen the elephant. I do know an opponent can close 10 feet of distance in an amazingly short time.

And I have experienced adrenalin and alcohol together before.  Time slows down, tunnel vision, etc.

spudit on January 09, 2011, 12:39:31 pm
Carlos was harmless even with a gun.

Ed helped but remember Rhonda was there right beside him ignored as some bimbo. She took Carlos down fast and she did it by grabbing his arms. It was a damned fine disarming move. I bet it would have happened the second he tried to draw. Older and wiser Ed emptied his holster first and dropped the level of conflict to fistfight and on that level it stayed.

Unless you are also trained, let a martial artist get within arms reach and you are meat. Disarming is a big part of their training, just as combat shooting is big on not letting them get that close.

Carlos is juat comic relief. a prop for Ed to use. Now, why did he have to show us what?
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J Thomas on January 10, 2011, 09:28:13 am
It was amusing hearing "emergent phenomenon in all cultures" in a bar right after a bar fight has been avoided.

I get the impression I'd fit right in.

macsnafu on January 10, 2011, 02:43:17 pm
The point seems to be that Ed didn't respond the way Rhonda and the others wanted or expected him to respond.  I agree that Carlos was more a secondary character used for comparison/contrast.  Carlos most likely reacted the way Rhonda and company wanted Ed to act.  They are interested in Ed, not Carlos. Ed defused the situation all the way around, not just the fight between Carlos and the Canaries.

Why they are interested in Ed remains to be seen.
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