Plane on January 01, 2011, 05:24:57 pm
Ceries might be big enough to tolerate a lot of its mass being moved.

On a small asteroid would a mine that hollowed it out change its rotational caricteristics in an unfortunate way?

Global warming is supposed to have melted enough glaciers now to make the diffrence in anglular momentum noticeable to fine instruments on the earth.

Makes me think that the Ice ages featured shorter days because so much ice trapped a lot of mass near the poles , nearer the axis than ocean waters.

The things we will need to learn to worry about.

Could launching a payload off your mine change your asteriods orbit so much it endangers mine by passing close?

Some asteroids seem to be loosely constructed , agglomerations of gravels and large rocks that hold together mostly from old habit , a near miss by something massive might ruin a mine on a rubble pile by mere tidal stress.