Scott on November 20, 2010, 11:32:58 am
Starting with this week's strips, we have another junior member of the Escape From Terra team: My son Zeke, who is sometimes known on-line by the handle "Keiuro."

Zeke is adding the grey tones to Lee Oaks' line work, and will continue for another week. After that, he's working as my assistant on a brand-new feature we'll be launching in January: QUANTUM VIBE. More about that later.

Starting the week after Thanksgiving we will continue with our "A/B Roll" between arcs, bringing back Leila Del Duca for four weeks to draw the remainder of the "Trial & Error" story, where we learn the fates of the ex-pirates Morris, Lawrence and Kinko. Then, Lee Oaks returns with a new story, "The Christmas War," with grey tones provided by Jennifer Zach (who was the colorist for the graphic novel ROSWELL, TEXAS).

wdg3rd on November 23, 2010, 10:15:48 pm
I figure Jen will do grey tones just fine, but I'd rather see her do color, she did such a barking fine job on R,T.  (Minor little things like the president's zeppelin and the emperor's seaplane come to mind, but so does the rest of the work).

Good to see her back here.  (Maybe she'll update her blog -- hell, maybe some other folks will update theirs -- the Bieser brothers tend to be a bit sluggish in that department).
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