comicartist on January 11, 2007, 11:13:19 am
right on...

Frank B. on January 11, 2007, 01:43:26 pm
I didnt get my Smith doll, for Christmas, but my birthday is still ahead. Any plans/word on a TPB?
Word on a TPB _what_?

TPB = Trade Paper Back (as opposed to The Probability Broach).   Perhaps we should do a "The Architect"/"The Probability Broach" cross-over story. Here's how it goes...

After Smith gets hit with the poisoned arrow, unseen by anyone, a broach mysteriously opens up and Smith crosses over into the North American Confederacy. By the time he's discovered by folks in the NAC, Smith has returned to human proportion and near death.  NAC healers figure out how to heal a half human/half mushroom person. As he heals, Smith learns about the broach tech and begins plans to get access to or build one to return him to his own world, so he can get revenge on Gil and Thea. Smith uses his talents to borrow large sums of money to support the life style he enjoys and to fund his project for getting home.  His financial house of cards only goes so far, and so eventually he has to start stealing and killing.  Win and Ed are brought in to investigate (Win on the murders, and Ed on the property theft).  Eventually, they both link it all to Smith, and wind up following Smith back to his own world.  Smith discovers his evil grandson (who's now 10, and has some magical powers).  Win and Ed meet and team up with Gil and Thea and have to fight Smith and their own son.  And then things get really crazy!

If wacky cross-overs are good for Marvel and DC... ;-)

comicartist on January 11, 2007, 04:59:29 pm
Dude, I'm in!! I wanna do some tie dye funk!(That and the blonde from Broach).