jamesd on September 26, 2010, 06:51:27 pm
The cartoon where one of the characters forgets to visit the toilet until the last minute could have taken place in Kansas.

Anarchy is cool, because of the scope it allows for heroes to right wrongs and uphold order.  Milligravity is cool, because men can fly.

In the toilet strip, no anarchy, no heroes, and no miligravity.  I suppose the character who was late going to the toilet is going to cease to be a nerd, and reveal himself to be a hero, but while he is still a nerd, he is not still in Kansas.

So, anarchy.  So someone behaves badly, resulting in a fistfight between a good guy maintaining order and justice, and  bad guy acting evil, stupid, and crazy.  And in miligravity, people involved in a fistfight will fly - illustrating that the strip is not taking place in Kansas.

So, please, more heroes, fights, and flying.