emb021 on January 19, 2010, 04:19:22 pm
Am a little confused on the political environment of Phoebus Krumm.

I read "Wardove" shortly after it came out (because I knew of LNS thru the Probability Broach books).

In that book, the Earth was a nuked wasteland, but man was living elsewhere, thanks to a colony on the Moon.  These colonists had kicked out all the 'hamilitonian' types, who went elsewhere (not said where), and man had organized into the 'coordinated arm', a more or less libertarian society/political entity that included non-humans.  Not clear how big this was.

I read "Henry Martyn".  As to politics, it was clear we had a more or less 'hamiltonian' type human society.  There were non-humans about, but they weren't treated as sentient.  It seemed there were two political nations, but I don't recall their names or their differences.

One thing I seem to recall (or maybe misrecall) is that humans were much more 'durable'.  It was clear the humans came from Earth, but it was far away.  How/why they were there was not clear.

I have, but have not read "Bretta Martyn".  I understand that this work ties the two above, and we find that the humans of "Henry Martyn" were the decendants of the 'hamiltonian-types' kicked off the moon in the past.

But, as I said, I am not clear on the politics of the comic, which makes it a bit hard to understand.

What, exactly is the Coordinated Arm?  What kind of government is it?

We have 2 other governments, the "Monopoly of Hanover", who seem to be the 'good guy' government (such as it is).  Not clear why they are on 'Hanover II' or what happened to 'Hanover I'.

then you have the "Jendyne Empery-Cirot", who seem to be the 'bad guy' government and all that entails.

Who or what is "The Aggregate", mentioned on pg 22?

But, as I said, its not fully clear to me.

Can anyone fill in the background?

lee n. field on January 19, 2010, 08:07:04 pm
Read Bretta Martyn.  Much will become clear.

Every government is more, or less, bad.  The Hanoverians aren't particularly good.  They now appear to be at least temporarily chastened and purged by their experience in Bretta, and now headed up by "Good Queen Lea" who's forced some at least superficial changes.

Not clear why they are on 'Hanover II' or what happened to 'Hanover I'.

Flattened by an Oplite horde.

The Aggregate


Scott on January 28, 2010, 01:12:40 pm
"The Coordinated Arm" is a voluntary space-militia formed by the anarchist colonies in the Milky Way's Orion Arm (descended from the anarchists who'd remained on the Moon in the backstory to The War Dove), to fend off incursions by an entity they called "The Clusterian Powers" -- who in fact call themselves "The Aggregate," the most vile and collectivist of the polities which descended from the Hamiltonians who were exiled from the Moon way back in 2025.

The Hamiltonians had settled in the Sagittarius Cluster, which we now know is actually a small galaxy being gradually consumed by the larger Milky Way. It is on the far side of the Milky Way from our Solar System. Over a millennium the Hamiltonians multiplied like rabbits and developed a dozen competing stellar empires, the most powerful of which were the Monopolity of Hanover, the Jendyne Empiry-Cirot, and The Aggregate. The last of which had developed a technology for transforming ordinary humans (captured in raids) into the dreaded "Oplyte Warriors" which they then leased out to the other empires and also used as a means of manipulating interstellar politics.

In Bretta Martyn, the new Hanoverian Ceo Lia Woodgate decided the Aggregate needed to be dealt with and sent Arran Islay (Henry Martyn) and company on a mission to find the Aggregate's home system and put an end to their dominance. (At that point nobody else in the Sagittarius Cluster knew about the Aggregate's doings in the Milky Way or that there was a vast and thriving anarchist culture there.)

The Aggregate's leaders were eventually brought down by Islay and company but not before they unleashed an onslaught of hundreds of thousands of Oplytes against the Hanoverian homeworld, with the intention of moving on to deal a death-blow to the Coordinated Arm. Hanover I was laid waste, but that empire had the resilience to come back quickly; and Arran Islay learned about the existence of the Coordinated Arm and dispatched Bretta and Hanebuth Tarrant (who was originally from the Arm) in a fast ship borrowed from their Nacyl allies to warn about the coming invasion and establish diplomatic and trade ties.

At the start of Phoebus Krumm, the Aggregate and the Oplyte warriors are no more, and the Hanoverians and the Jendynes remain the two most powerful empires in the cluster. It might help to think of the Hanoverians as the British Empire of the late 18th Century, and the Jendynes as the Spanish Empire of that same period.

Rocketman on February 07, 2010, 03:56:09 pm
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wdg3rd on February 13, 2010, 09:30:11 pm
It might help to think of the Hanoverians as the British Empire of the late 18th Century, and the Jendynes as the Spanish Empire of that same period.

I'm coming to assume that this thing is a spam, but a smarter than usual spam, since it quotes whole sentences.

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