terry_freeman on May 19, 2009, 12:43:58 am
What prevents punishment "multipliers" from escalating to the point where everything becomes a hanging offense? I'm more supportive of a "make the victim whole, and stop there" approach; with just a titch of "some people have a real demonstrated need for retroactive abortion" for the few mass murderers.

I don't worry so much about recidivism; if we don't send boys to Higher Criminal Academies to improve their skills, if we don't create whole classes of "criminals" out of otherwise peaceful entrepreneurs, and if we have a high ratio of "insured by S&W" deterrent effects, the rate of crime is likely to be quite small.

David Friedman writes about a long period in Iceland when the penalty for killing a man, and reporting it immediately ( before passing three houses), was a fine; for not reporting it, the penalty was outlawry - one's life would no longer be protected by the law. This gave an incentive to confess straightaway.