SandySandfort on April 06, 2009, 12:02:19 pm
Well Sandy, I quickly scanned the article that you posted and noticed a couple of things.  One was that this is a start-up company so the data that they provide are just estimates, like the 200+ mph speed, and secondly if they are going to use bio-diesel jet engines then what are the solar cells on the top for?  Having previously worked at a aviation start-up company before I would put any money into a company like this I would want to know just what the enginneering and management qualifications of the individuals running it were, where they got their education, what kind of related aviation projects that they've done in the past and so on.  I just skimmed the article but I didn't see any of those.

I wasn't endorsing them, only pointing out the shape chosen. There is another semi-rigid, almost-lighter-than-aircraft out there, but I could not find it on a cursory search.

terry_freeman on April 27, 2009, 08:41:55 am
Nowadays, a lot of libertarians have decided that there are better things to do than to vote for any candidate at all, especially a warmed-over Republican in Libertarian drag. Look at the non-voting trend. This isn't "voter apathy", it's "we turn our back on the likes of you disgusting, repulsive animals who want to mess with our lives."

If you want evidence that our ideas are catching on, consider the rising numbers of home-schoolers. In spite of strenuous objections by the NEA, parents are withdrawing their children from government schools in increasing numbers.

People are getting tired of manufactured consent, and withdrawing support from the factories is better than tossing sabots into the machinery.

Rocketman on April 28, 2009, 11:36:40 am
I guess you could include me in that mix.  I started out in High School as a conservative Republican, around 1986 I was dating this hot looking Celtic redhead who turned me onto Libertarian principals by giving me a copy of "Venus Belt" by none other than LNS.  I was active in Libertarian Party politics until I had a very nasty run in with one of the principals of the LP hierarchy.  After that I lost interest in supporting the LP because if that arrogant, condesending hypocrite with a messanic complex was any example at all I could see that the LP was NEVER going to go anywhere.  That fact that right now with millions and millions of voters are totally disgusted with both the D's and R's and yet the LP hasn't made any inroads at all to gain the millions of new members that it could have if it got off it's ass proves yours and mine points.  :'(