Leviathan on February 09, 2009, 02:46:39 am
"Huh, we've sucked the earth dry.  Let's try for the belts!"  So they need to raid somewhere pronto or they'll be entirely broke.  Yep, sounds like Russian communism all over again.

cyberbard on February 09, 2009, 08:10:45 am
Ah ha!  I knew there was an ulterior motive!  Though it wasn't as complex as I thought it would be.

An interesting point, though, it looks like Guy's department head (the black woman; have we ever heard her name?), may be more like Guy than we thought.  She apparently still has some principles; she wants to go after Terra's idle rich, just like Guy does.  But the status quo won't permit it.

Don't change the legal department... change the status quo!

Rocketman on February 09, 2009, 09:44:11 am
I can't help but wonder when the head administrator said "Laws exist to help us implement policy, not to impede us!" how many people in this government would find themselves in agreement with him?   :'(  :'(  :'(