Frank B. on September 26, 2008, 12:21:17 am
Our latest online story is now available.  Written by Sandy Sandfort and Scott Bieser, and drawn by Lee Oaks, Escape From Terra is a sci-fi action adventure strip about the frontier life of humans living in the asteroid belt. 

Starting today with the first 2 weeks worth of strips presented (5 per week, Monday through Friday), our story begins where we meet Guy (pronounced "ghee")Caillard and Fiorella Stellina, two intrepid agents of the United World Revenue Service. Agent Caillard has a long and glorious track record with UWRS, being highly adept at ferreting out wealth hidden by selfish money-barons who don't want to share their good fortune with Terra's downtrodden and impoverished masses in the late 21st Century.

Our heroes have embarked on an ambitious quest, into the wild and untamed Asteroid Belt. There, a motley collection of anti-social adventurers has amassed great wealth mining the countless asteroids, and the UWRS intends to extend its beneficent authority throughout the Solar System and claim a fair share of this outer-space bounty for the rest of humanity.

We hope you enjoy.  Post your comments in the new Escape From Terra forum.