sehlat on April 23, 2008, 12:54:45 pm
I think they'll find that out.

DarianW on April 23, 2008, 08:02:08 pm
That was certainly a badass comeback.  I wonder if it was Libby's death, or Susan's that actually made her powers return.  I suppose we will find out.

aditantimedh on April 23, 2008, 10:23:53 pm
It was about achieving an extreme, intense, state of mind, so grief, intense pain, shock, and impending doom are a heady combination.

Technomad on April 24, 2008, 12:01:37 pm
There are reasons why I would not willingly throw down with a superhero(ine).

And killing someone's loved ones is often far worse in their eyes than hurting them.

Donna Barr's written an interesting essay about this, called "Pardon Me."   

Leviathan on April 26, 2008, 06:18:41 pm
I might suggest, as another perspective on what the mentality and abilities of such a superhero/ine might look like, Alan Moore's The Watchmen.  In a world where costumed vigilantes work outside the law, along comes a Superman.  With, uhh, about the level of perception and power that LaMuse has, I might mention.  This superhero in question doesn't really identify with humanity much.  But yes, one does not "throw down" with godlike beings unless one is also godlike.  One does not run from godlike beings.  One does not piss off godlike beings if one is remotely intelligent.  One tries to walk softly and remember that no matter how big one's stick is, it's still just a twig.

Of course, if the godlike being is currently not godlike, it has a skull which one can bash with a sufficiently large twig.  Which is what they were counting on, I'm sure.

aditantimedh, I'm curious.  Have you read either Jung or Herbert?  I'm reminded of the Agonies Herbert's characters in the Dune series induced in order to gain their insights.  Intentionally and otherwise.

Rocketman on April 26, 2008, 10:50:05 pm
     You might be interested to know that I saw a preview on television for a movie called "Hancock" starring Will Smith.  Smith from the very little I saw appeared to be a superpowered individual from another world alone on ours.  Yes, the first thing that went through my mind was "Superman" too, but I'm willing to be that some new wrinkles and twists have been added to make it interesting.    ;D

aditantimedh on April 28, 2008, 12:23:56 am
The only thing I'm getting from the HANCOCK trailer is "What if Superman was an asshole?" 

Way too easy.

KBCraig on April 28, 2008, 10:38:17 pm
"I'll be right back, Lib."

Interesting expression on Susan's face as she soars off to... what? It doesn't look like she's about to lay waste and mayhem. No sign of anger. Not even grim determination. It's more a look of... love?

Are we about to see the old Susan, transform the violent and the haters into peaceful lovers?

Rocketman on April 28, 2008, 10:38:48 pm
Since I only saw it once for about a total of 20-30 seconds the eariler statement was a guess on my part.  But Will Smith has done a lot of very fine work and IMHO if that's all it was then the movie would be a flop and something that Smith wouldn't have gotten involved with in the first place.  My take anyway.   ;D

aditantimedh on April 29, 2008, 03:09:45 pm
KBCraig -

Susan is not someone motivated by revenge.  You'll find out what she does to the attackers soon enough.

aditantimedh on April 29, 2008, 03:13:20 pm
Rocket -

Not a lot of buzz on HANCOCK, which is not a good sign.  Suggests the studio thinks it'll bomb.

Rocketman on April 29, 2008, 08:39:33 pm
You can usually tell if the studio thinks it's going to be a bomb when they don't allow the movie critics to see the movie until AFTER it's been released and then the first week or two really advertize the hell out of it.  They figure that people will go see it before they read the reviews of just how bad it is.  On the other hand there are some movies that I really liked that bombed.  Ever see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"?  It may have just been the P-40B Tomahawk that the hero flew.  I've always had a soft spot in my heart for that plane and also for the Spitfire Mk. IX.   :'(
« Last Edit: April 29, 2008, 08:41:21 pm by Rocketman »

aditantimedh on April 29, 2008, 11:18:37 pm
SKY CAPTAIN was hyped and the studio had some hopes for it.

There's been no real campaign for HANCOCK.  They're quietly walking away from it.

wdg3rd on May 02, 2008, 08:57:14 pm
"Sky Captain" was advertised on flyers for at least two Worldcons prior to release.  I may not like Angelina Jolie's politics, but she does look damned good in an eye-patch.  (She's lucky she didn't get her looks from her father).  Saw it in theater, have probably watched it on DVD a dozen times if you include watching it with the commentary.  I always watch the DVDs I buy with the commentary on at least once (with "Serenity", a couple of times).  ("Hellboy" has two _separate_ commentary tracks, one by the director and the writer who also created the comic book, the other by most of the principal actors).

I watched the trailer for "Hancock" on-line (I haven't been in a theater for a couple of months).  I liked the bit with him getting the beached whale back in the water.  I may not see it in theater (financial reasons), but I will see it eventually.  Will Smith has actually turned into a pretty good actor (then again, as a youth he did some of the only Rap I can actually tolerate) (Sir Mix-a-Lot [a notorious libertarian] did the rest).

Ward Griffiths

Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.  --  Denis Diderot

Rocketman on May 02, 2008, 10:54:36 pm
One thing that I don't follow very closely is the world of RAP music but are you telling me that Sir Mix-A-Lot who sang "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."  is a libertarian????:o  Also, do you think that SCATWOT will be on network television soon?
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