Frank B. on September 07, 2007, 10:19:51 pm
Beginning Monday, September 10, both LaMuse and Roswell, Texas, the graphic novels being serialized on the Big Head Press website, will have new pages uploaded on an alternating daily schedule, rather than the weekly schedule employed previously. One page of LaMuse will be posted each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while one page of Roswell, Texas will be posted each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, according to Big Head Press director Scott Bieser.  "We have noticed that web-comics sites with daily uploads tend to get a lot more traffic than those with weekly, or even bi-weekly uploads," Bieser said. "So we want to encourage readers to return to our site every day.  If we could, we'd have a new page of each story up every weekday, but our artists can't generate material that quickly," he added.

One result of this change is that Timepeeper, a new story written by L. Neil Smith and illustrated by Sherard Jackson, will have its serialization delayed until January 2008, when Roswell, Texas completes its run.