Leviathan on February 28, 2008, 11:20:03 am
Leviathan -

As the Greek myths taught us, gods are at their most dangerous and unpredictable when they're bored, even more than when they're angry. 

Yeah, but killing their kid because what she's doing to humans might cause them to become "neighbors" one day?  That's cold, even for the deity-minded, heh.  But what are morals to the all-powerful?  That's like trying to explain to a puppy why they shouldn't piss on the carpet.  Pointless to say to a puppy that it's wrong.  You instead use rewards and punishments.  And what can be a reward to such a being?  Who could punish it?


     Are you SURE that your not talking about Congress???

*snerk*  ;D Hmm, I wouldn't limit that to just congress, heh.  The position of president, and even the justices on the supreme court seem drunk on their own authority.  The justices rewrite the constitution by selective quotation and distorting interpretation, the congress passes laws far beyond their constitutional limits, and the president seems to believe he's king of the world.  Regardless of who the president is, or whether congress is in the hands of the asses or the elephants.  And the justices seem more like LaMuse herself than anything else, using their super powers of obfuscatory logic to rewrite existence when it doesn't suit them.

Though I do believe that Roe v. Wade was actually not a bad ruling.  The modern meaning of "privacy", ironically derived from not wanting a peanut gallery when you're in the bathroom  :D , corresponds pretty well to the definition of freedom from unreasonable search&seizure.  Any enforcement of an abortion ban requires access to medical records, and prevention of abortion would require the right to seize a woman's person if she shows any signs of not wanting the pregnancy.  Hell, it's a form of seizure of person to have a law that says "You must use your body as a life support system for the fetus for the next ~8 months (assuming pregnancy isn't detected until after at least one period is missed), then either push it out painfully from betwixt your legs or pay to have it cut out of your belly!"  Not my, or government's, place to insist that she do so.  In my opinion, anyway. 

For those here who don't like abortion, remember that under the auspices of the NAP, one should try to persuade rather than beat someone about the head and face until they agree with you.  If you believe abortion is bad, wrong, sinful, murderous, whatever...  There's nothing preventing you from starting or joining a charity that actually works to give these expectant mothers alternatives should they choose them.  Most women in that position are either poor or in school or something, or just plain don't want to go through labor 'cause their asshole boyfriend lied about putting on a condom.  Work on getting the idea of alternatives out there.  The standard clinic protest is more about intimidating her out of following through than convincing her they'll stand by her during the time to come.

aditantimedh on February 29, 2008, 12:45:53 am
You hit the nail right on the head.