Frank B. on February 25, 2020, 09:50:26 pm
Hi gang!  We've created a Big Head Press group over on Mewe.  Not sure how many of you folks use it, or have heard of Mewe. But for those who don't, or haven't, Mewe is a social media site similar to Facebook (newsfeeds, private messaging, group chat,etc), but with no advertising, your feed only shows what you subscribe to, and your information is very much yours, and not the service's.  We've been watching them for a few years now to see if they had staying power, and we decided it's time to start having a presence there.

No Quantum Vibe page there yet, but if we can grow enough followers for the Big Head Press group, one of those will show up quickly.  The group is currently open to anyone with a Mewe account.  Anyone here with a Mewe account and joins the , Big Head Press forum there, upon request, we will promote you to a group contributor, which will allow you to post new threads in the group.  New group members will only comment on posts generated by admins or contributors until such time we decide to grant them more privilege.  Should be interesting.

Hope to see you guys over there!

-- Frank "The Management" Bieser
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