Sean Roach on November 29, 2019, 12:33:00 pm
I think I figured out where Mr. Beiser is going with this. We've been introduced now to three people with grievances, only one of which is legitimate, but all of which weigh upon them.
Our stained paladin, Otto, from the last chapter, (he did continue to spy upon her without her consent), who can't win the affection of the girl he wants away from a tin-man menagerie. I really hope I'm wrong about him.
Alec, who fell into a reputation trap and is now forced to pay heavily to preserve his reputation. I suspect he'll be paying a heavier price still.
And Sandra, who can't get her fellow neoprimitives to see that Melissa Just Does Not Belong Here. Well, they'll see. They'll ALL see!

All three are in a situation where they are sure they're right, but can't get the consensus to agree.

I once read that only a minority of the American Colonists, dubbed Patriots today, were really all that big on throwing England out and setting up a new government. There were a lot of fence sitters and a good number of loyalists, who were driven off toward what is today Canada. Similarly, I understand Russia frequently backed a number of fellow-traveler groups with minority views in their quest to Russify Europe. Sparking a riot here, and then rolling in tanks to "restore the peace" and of course establish a puppet government.

It seems likely to me that some of all of these people are going to be pawns in an attempt to "establish order", along the lines they prefer, of course, in their respective areas. Human dating a tin-man? Absurd! Humans should only date humans, and humans of the opposite sex at that! Tin-man living in a primitivist colony against the wishes of (some of, okay, ONE of) the other colonists? Ridiculous! Having your name dragged through the mud when you DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING WRONG? Of COURSE you should fight for that, (and betray your friends and ideals) to restore your perceived honor, (yeah, good luck with that.)

If we see any more establishing scenes, I suspect it will be more people who, in their minority opinion or position, can't make others agree with them. Except through force of arms.
And soon, someone will be coming by to offer up the use of their arms. In exchange for just a few minor things.

I hope the character I suspect we will soon meet has a name that translates to "scratch", or maybe "Faust".