Scott on January 17, 2020, 10:25:19 am


Looking past the backs of Martello et als' heads at the four present members of the Five Pillars: Kofi Akosah, Lorelei de Clayre Jorge Ansari, and Enrique Colón.

Caption (at top): The Five Pillars of Bubbleopolis (minus Alyss Roaz, absent)


Diana: She betrayed and murdered a Pillar of Bubbleopolis, after all.

Diana: The Pillars are the closest thing the city has to a ruling class, being founders and owning the core spheres.


Computer voice: Founders were a consortium of enterprises led by Hari Copperton, Kofi Akosah, Kirsten Bezos, Edmund Ansari, Enrique Colón, and Nicole Oresme.

I though we'd see Hari, but if descendants can "stand in" as pillars, I wonder why Dominic isn't.   Maybe she didn't bother to designate someone yet.

I'd forgotten there were originally six founders. But I liked the idea of "Five Pillars." It appeals to the Discordian in me.

How about this: Hari Copperton married Kirsten Bezos, one of their children, Beatrix Copperton, married Augustus deCleyre, who produced Lorelei. Copperton and Bezos retired, Beatrix and Augustus were killed in a previous war, leaving Lorelei as inheritor of their City properties.

Dominic didn't "inherit" Alyss' position because Alyss didn't retire, and while she was murdered her gestalt lives on in the android body. And it has been long-established in common-law that a gestalt surviving from a dead bio-form may legally claim the identity (and property) of the deceased, if the deceased had previously made the proper arrangements.

(Sometimes, the surviving gestalt may want to sever ties with the previous identity and start fresh, as Seamus/Theophilus did when his gestalt became Hugo.)