bjdotson on October 31, 2019, 04:01:06 pm
Might be a de facto banishment. Without using a state like power, they just let everybody know what you did. If individuals decide that they don't want to sell to you, buy from you, rent to you, etc. Well that's the free market. If you don't like it, leave.  If some don't care and still do business with you, well that is their right.

This, right here, is one of the concerns I have about anarcho-capitalism. That, right there, didn't do much to dissuade China from using very cheap prison labor to make the products we imported, and which we continued to import after finding out that little tidbit. That, right there, despite a lot of griping and grumbling, didn't cause Wal-Mart to suffer virtual boycotts in areas where everyone was sure they'd dry up the town of all its mom-and-pops then either raise prices or pull up stakes and find greener pastures.
I don't like government regulation, but one of the things it's good for is enforcing a unified front.

And I did not say a word about a unified front OR a boycott (organized or not). What I was referencing is a free market individual choice. Let people make the choice on their own. If a company or person proves untrustworthy, each person must decide for themselves whether to do business with them. Just as we make the choice every day where we spend our money. Some may not care and that is their choice. I think that it will take awhile for Smith and Holder to recover from this; if they ever do.

Skull the Troll on November 01, 2019, 12:13:18 pm
Humm, they just leave to go off somewhere and continue their plans? Did they even pay the fine? Doesn't seem like a sufficient solution. What if DeCastries basically said "screw you I'm not paying a dime, I'm leaving." Money is a poor punishment for those that have lots of it anyway. My assumption here is that hes gone off to continue working on displacer and shield tech and Bubbleopolis might see him again someday. 

The problem with leaving everything up to individuals choosing to do business or not is that self interest often harms others. I'm going to take the opposite side of this argument for a sec in a effort to make my point. Lets say you object to Alyss's "violent" actions. You decide you don't want to do business with her anymore. But that means you never get to see your family again as they live on a different world and you cant get there without displacer tech. Maybe you're willing to never visit the family, but you can't import anything, or get raw materials, etc for your own livelihood. Alyss is the perfect robber baron type without the greed and bad intentions. Shes still so big however shes effectively not someone you can choose to not do business with. She is the company store. People with fewer resources don't get to choose to not deal with her.

Coyoty on November 03, 2019, 05:34:39 am
If DeCastries leaves without paying the fines, then he forfeits the fines owed him.  If Roaz does business where DeCastries goes, she can sue for recovery of the fines she's owed, but I doubt he can countersue, as he voluntarily gave up the fines due him.