Frank B. on December 24, 2007, 04:29:33 pm
For those of you who noticed the site was down this morning, it is back up and functioning again.  This server has run continuously for the last 134 days (and still going).   Unfortunately, the web serving application decided to not come back up after a routine auto-maintenance activity early this morning, and I was so busy packing and trying to get out the door for X-mas activities, I didn't notice the web service wasn't running (email and other services were running just fine).  Oy.   :'( 

In any event, once I arrived at my destination today, and was able to get an Internet connection going, I was able to restore the web service, and all is well again.  My apologies to our many loyal readers who attempted to connect earlier today to read the latest installment of LaMuse only to find the service down.

We will attempt to keep a more diligent eye on this thing over the holiday season so nobody will miss their favorite stories.

-- The Proprietor