DrakBibliophile on February 23, 2019, 09:02:28 pm
In other words, Alyss is panicing over nothing. [Very Big Sarcastic Grin]

Scott has managed to create a world where it is ridiculously easy to raise an army, but armies are practically useless in conquest. Consider this 4 part scenario:

Part 1:
A single individual or a CIA/KGB equivalent goes to a boring brown dwarf system rich in resources and builds a mining-factory that builds more mining-factories that build mining-factories that build mining factories. Basic geometric progression applies here. At some point, you have them retool to make military goods. One could argue that a CIA/KGB/Section 31 type organization that didn't have one of these, wasn't doing it's job. It would probably take a few decades but with rejuve, it's just a matter of being patient long enough until you have your massive military run on Planctronic brains only just smart enough to do their job.

Part 2:
So now you have your army, and you decide to invade Bubble Town. The way Alyss is freaking out suggests that they are over relying on the O-shield. That means any brute force siege style attack would probably require a ridiculous number of ships. That means you either need to infiltrate the shield program, or develop a jump system that ignores it, so you can either W54 the shield generators, or, better yet, co-opt them for your own use. This would allow you to jump in infantry to take control of whatever cannon like devices the city uses for defense or destroy them if you must and prevent people from leaving. The tank/battleships come next to draw fire from and destroy internal defenses that probably exist, but probably not nearly frequently enough. Next you bring in the infantry and attack helicopter equivalents to bring your fist down on the populous. An organized military military beats disorganized warriors pretty much every time. Congrats, you just militarily defeated Bubble Town. Now what to do with it...

Part 3, Option A:
You set up a military dictatorship. You might use friendlier words, but this is what it is. The bad news is: You just locked yourself inside the hornets nest you just kicked. Anyone who is not an asymmetric warfare specialist can download the needed skill withing minutes. They likely have a lot of pampered princesses, but the road from pampered princess to suicidal warrior can be a short road paved in pain. A high tech population with an eye to turning whatever they can get a hold of into a weapon is extraordinarily destructive. The people of Bubble Town would make Al Qaeda, ISIS, and every other asymmetric warfare group currently out there look like toddler throwing dirt, and that is assuming they don't have or cant access there own robot troops and no Bubble Town ally doesn't arrive with their own weapons to liberate Bubble Town. Your invasion just became an interesting form of suicide.

Part 3, Option B:
You never wanted to rule them, you just want to be rid of them because they are inconvenient. This is actually easier and a little safer. You don't need infantry, you just need Tsar Bomba dispensers. A few of them and Bubble Town is rubble. The trick here is you need to make sure there are no survivors, including any allies, because if anyone finds out who did it, you will be dealing with probably millions of people capable of exactly what you did. Keep in mind, any town as big as Bubble Town is going to have visitors popping in by the thousands, so you have to deal with them too. You would only be able to do this once, because once it happened, every Bubble Town like town is going to be installing trillions of tripwires, booby traps, an tattle tale systems designed by millions of different people. You do it a second time and everyone is going to know who you are and where you are hiding. You might want to send your whole operation into a sun to destroy the evidence after using it once.

Part 4:
The aftermath. If we assume the operation above was instigated by a statist government, then they are doomed regardless of what words they use. Given the point in time the story takes place in, it's reasonable to believe there could be a trillion Bubble Town aligned people. If even a tiny minority decide that revenge or preemptive action against statist governments was more important than NAP or ZAP or any treaty, then you have millions of people capable of doing Part 1 and performing raids on militaries. Governments would be inudated with individuals launching raids that reduce their troops to kibble for a century at least. It means the statists who launched the attack have not only destroyed their own state, but possibly several others too.

Now if you could instead just get the people of Bubble Town to adopt a few common sense security acts...
Drak Bibliophile (The Book Loving Dragon)
Sometimes the Dragon Wins!!

Sean Roach on February 23, 2019, 09:47:47 pm
Not how I read that.

There's trouble, right here in Bubble City, spelled with a capital 'T', and that stands for Teleporting Bomb.
Put me in charge and I'll protect you from the dire threat of the Murphy Bomb.
It's For The Children. It's For Your Own Safety. It's Only a Temporary Measure. Only Until the Emergency Has Ended...

In other words, Alyss is panicing over nothing. [Very Big Sarcastic Grin]
Now if you could instead just get the people of Bubble Town to adopt a few common sense security acts...

UncleRice on February 25, 2019, 10:53:45 am
Some security measures will inconvenience you and be a bit restrictive, but it all just to create a safer Bubble Town. It all for the sake of public security. We all must make some sacrifices.
Stupid criminals put on a mask and rob people with a gun.
Smart criminals put on a suit, call themselves politicians, and rob people with writ of law.