Apollo-Soyuz on June 08, 2018, 08:37:42 am
So I assumed there was zero-g or close to it at the barycenter where Bubbleopolis was built. I assumed all the building pretty much floated on the zero-g, using some method to keep from drifting into each other. I assumed electro-gravity or some other mature technology was used on a per-building basis to establish gravity for people to walk around in, and I assumed there were huge machines somewhere that processed and freshened all the air in the bubble, like a CO2 scrubber on a submarine. 

But today, Diana is in free-fall through traffic, and I have to maybe nitpick a bit.

I don't think Diana is skydiving as most people would think of it, she instead just walked off a loading dock, into micro-gravity. She's "falling" away in a direct vector from her walk off the loading dock and without anything to push against has drifted at a walking pace into traffic.

Because there's no "up" or "down" in microgravity, the building are oriented in random directions or themselves slowly revolve over time. Because this is a comic strip, it's hard to give visual clues to show how fast she's drifting.

UncleRice on June 08, 2018, 10:01:52 am
Maybe artificial gravity "leaks" and generates some kind of gravity cloud? I'm seeing the risk of falling into other buildings below as being the risk other than getting hit by traffic. The engineer in me suddenly does want to see some kind of diagram of how this place works.
Stupid criminals put on a mask and rob people with a gun.
Smart criminals put on a suit, call themselves politicians, and rob people with writ of law.

Apollo-Soyuz on June 08, 2018, 07:08:07 pm
>Caption: Furthermore, I needed medical attention.

>Caption: But S&H would be looking for me at the médicos, too.

>Caption: So, I really had only one place to go.

I'm having trouble believing there aren't a bunch of medical places where she could get a bone set discreetly. And how hard is it to take the matrix to an entirely different system for discreet care?

She doesn't really fully trust Alyss, but why not send a message to Monty? (guess for page 1806)