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Title: We Be At Porcfest XI Nest Week!
Post by: Frank B. on June 20, 2014, 04:46:58 pm
PorcFest XI ( ( starts this weekend! If you find yourself in the wilds of New Hampshire next week, head to Roger's Campground ( ( outside of Lancaster, and come see us at campsite #5.  Scott will be on hand to autograph books starting Wednesday, June 25th.

While we are away, this coming Monday, June 23rd, the last 8 panel Quantum Vibe story strip for a couple of weeks will go up. Starting Tuesday, June 24th, Scott has prepared a short series of strips telling Our Story So Far to help catch up new readers. These strips will be followed by a few Tales from the Front cartoons Scott will be drawing next week while we are at Porfest.  Regular QV (http://QV) story strips will resume Monday, July 7th.