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Title: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Chaaanges...
Post by: Frank B. on September 03, 2006, 12:34:58 pm
Some of you may have noticed that the left sides of the story pages have changed.  Well, why yes they have, and thank you for noticing.  The reason for the change you ask?  Our reasons were two-fold.  The pages were crowded.  A couple of readers have noted this, and so did we.  Also, we're constantly looking at ways to improve navigation.  In that spirit, we've decided to make the top left area a text link navigator for other pages that are relevant to the story (such as creative team blogs and personal web sites).  The rest of the left side will be for paid text ads.

So, thanks for the feed back. Keep 'em coming.  We know it means you care.  And we will keep bringing you great stories in an ever improving format.

Cheese!  ;D