Skull the Troll on November 03, 2017, 10:33:56 am
1721 - Shades of Monty Python's Black Knight.  "It's just a flesh wound."

Also the effect of him losing the limbs is very much like the way the programs took damage in Tron: Legacy.
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Apollo-Soyuz on November 03, 2017, 05:19:02 pm "Right now none of the player races, or even all of them together, can resist a serious assault from them. It's just futile." homage to the Borg.

page=1697 "Kek: I told you that was a lame name, Fred."  | "The appearance of the Borg Queen in First Contact was a controversial one in the Star Trek universe... " nod to Thunderf00t

page=1713 "Vexatious vixen" -  Piers Anthony "Yon ill wind" (probably an earlier reference somewhere I'm missing too)

Apollo-Soyuz on November 03, 2017, 05:26:40 pm
Pretty good summery by Sio:

Look at "Adam's" eyeglasses. The shape is the GamerGate symbol. So that's who Adam symbolizes.

I think "Fred" isn't a dickhead, he's a neckbeard. He's all neck. A FEDORA-WEARING neckbeard, which the Urban Dictionary associates with the 'Chans (4-chan and 8-chan in particular -- if there's other chans, I'm not familiar with them).

The Dude...maybe because Scott really liked "The Big Lebowski" a lot? Maybe the Dude stands for those of us who aren't Gamer Gaters or Fedora-wearing neckbeards, who just like to lay back in a bathrobe, do some serious drugs, and go bowling once in a while. I'm not sure, I never watched the movie. I hate bowling. I saw an article associating the Dude with Millennials by some strange mental gyrations. Maybe Dude represents Millennials? Frankly, I don't think so. I just think he's a lazy man who's looking for that one rug that pulls the whole room together. He just...abides.

So we have the 'chans, Gamer Gate, and the Man who Abides. And Kek, who I'll bet is a bit of a hedonist, just looking for what feels good.

But all of them together, well, they like to exchange the brewed coffee with Folger's Crystals, just to watch the fun.


The Dude says "She really brings the room together "


"this we cannot abide. "