DrakBibliophile on August 01, 2017, 12:20:27 pm
From Strip 1648 First Seen: Tue 2017-08-01

Imagined follow up conversation.

Ralf: Out here, you give your word, you keep your word

Eithne: Remember how mad you were about me holding back information?

Ralf: Yes

Eithne: You're my partner so I don't want to keep anymore secrets from you.

Here's where I'm imagining that this "hits" Ralf hard because he's keeping secrets from Eithne and is liking her.

I don't remember hearing why Ralf was in that prison so I'm thinking that he was suspected of spying for his people/family/whatever and he actually is a spy.

That person who owed Ralf money?  He's Ralf's contact on this rock.  ;)
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quadibloc3 on August 17, 2017, 12:18:22 am
I would have imagined it much differently. I think Ralf understands both the witticism - and that she trusts him not to let the information go any further - and that he has a need to know that information, because of the consequences should the "gluteans" find out where they are.